Think! Think!

Think! Think!

Develop love for critical thinking

Think!Think! is an educational app designed to enjoyable encourage thinking sense development by using puzzles, mazes, shapes and more.Designed to grow your natural thinking skills and maintain motivation, brought to you by the team that produces high quality content for the Arithmetic Olympics and World Math events. Receiving high praise with over 2 million users and winning multiple awards including Google’s App Award and the Kids Design Award.

Think! Think! School Edition

Think! Think!
School Edition

We have developed “Think!Think! School Edition” for use in public education and after school study facilities. To find out more, click here.

Currently available only in Japan


Packed with excitement. Learn at your pace.

WonderBox is a new type of monthly subscription based educational service. It combines a box of activities delivered to the mailbox, and exclusive digital content for the devices. WonderBox covers STEAM subjects in a cross sectional manner. It monthly delivers 10 different content including: programming, art, puzzles and more. With the variety of content, children can choose where to start with based on their interest. WonderBox develops their critical thinking skills, creativity, and sensitivity so children can brim with “Wonder” in their daily life.

Currently available only in Japan
究極の立体 切断

Ultimate Spatial Recognition“Cross-sectional view”

An app to master the realm of “Cutting Solids”. A frequent appearance in Junior High School entrance exams, “Cutting Solids” requires a high level of imaginative skill and spatial reasoning ability. This revolutionary app was ingeniously crafted so everyone can master it.

Currently available only in Japan
究極の立体 展開

Ultimate Spatial Recognition“Development view”

It’s not easy putting together a 3D object using your head and calculating the area just from its net. This app makes it simple by breaking shapes into 6 pieces and displaying a visual picture. By using this app you’ll be able to put together a 3D shape from its net by using your imaginative skills.



An original game by Hanamaru Lab Co,. for upper grades of elementary school, designed to intuitively grasp computational sense. While playing, children will not only pick up multiplication & division, but also numerical decomposition skills.

Collaborative works

Leveraging our knowledge in early childhood education and content creation, we sponsor and oversee content for children’s magazines, educational videos and educational toys. Get in touch.


  • Shogakudan

    Shogakudan (Elementary school 1st grade), quiz series. Oversaw the programming content series.

  • Pokemon Kids Tv

    Pokemon Kids Tv, provided the original draft content to develop thinking power for Pokemon’s official Youtube Channel.

  • Hanayama Logical Newton Series

    Newton’s Apple, (Hanayama Logical Newton Series) oversaw the production of content.


We produce the Amazon best selling series “Nazope”, an arithmetic & brain puzzle collection with over 700,000 copies issued. We produce and oversee the education & brain training series which contains collections of problems & drills.

考える力がめっっっちゃつく! まちがいさがし
マンガでわかる! 10才までに遊んできたえるプログラミング脳
マンガでわかる! 10才までに遊んできたえる算数脳めいろ260
マンガでわかる! 10才までに遊んできたえる 算数脳パズル250
考える力がつく算数脳パズル 図形なぞぺー《小学1年~3年》


Wonderfy hosts a class in Tokyo for 6-7 year olds. The weekly class focuses on bringing out children’s “sense of wonder”. Our classes draw out children’s “sense of wonder” naturally by utilising the “STEAM” educational approach, which has gained attention in recent years. Our classes use a variety of materials including: apps (thinking ability, programming, art etc.), videos, worksheets, board games and creative work.

All content is carefully crafted by our professional team. For each class, we always introduce new and original materials to bring fresh content for children to boost their intellectual stimulation.

A toybox full of original materials that create a 'sense of wonder'

A toybox full of original materials that create a
"sense of wonder"

A toybox full of original materials that create a 'sense of wonder'

This class will be led by our CEO, Kei Kawashima, he will teach the children directly. Additionally, content creators, including engineers and designers always participate in classes to get to know and understand the children on a deeper level to make an impact on the children personally and simultaneously use the experience to improve teaching materials.

Our content, WonderBox and Think!Think! were both born from this class. For us, what we believe decides “good teaching material” is asking ourselves the question, is the child directly in front of us excited and totally absorbed?